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Explore Resources to Aid Your NICU Patients’ Families

NICU Parent’s Guide

Having an infant in the NICU may be one of the most stressful times in the life of a parent. It is important to let parents know that they are not alone. This short guide will give them quick pointers and tips on how to connect with their baby and navigate their NICU journey.

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NICU Family Guide

Navigating the NICU can be difficult for any parent, whether it’s their first time or they’ve been down this road before. Each NICU stay is a different experience, depending on the baby’s condition.

To help ease anxiety and orient your patient’s family to the NICU, we have created a resource designed to demystify the NICU by explaining what it may look like, who the NICU care team is, and more. It also provides a list of questions parents or caregivers may ask you so you can help them feel more involved with their baby’s care.

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Guía familiar de la UCIN

Navegar por la NICU puede ser difícil para cualquier padre, ya sea su primera vez o ya haya pasado por este camino antes. Cada estadía en la NICU es una experiencia diferente, dependiendo de la condición del bebé.

Para ayudar a aliviar la ansiedad y orientar a la familia de su paciente sobre la NICU, hemos creado un recurso diseñado para desmitificar la NICU al explicar cómo puede ser, quién es el equipo de atención de la NICU y más. También proporciona una lista de preguntas que los padres o cuidadores pueden hacerle para ayudarlos a sentirse más involucrados con el cuidado de su bebé.

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The RDS Children’s Book

Cover page of the children’s book titled Understanding Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS). This book is not intended for sale and is provided free of charge by Chiesi USA, Inc. to caregivers and families of premature infants. The intended audience for this book is caregivers and families of premature infants. It is intended for children ages 2-5.

An often-overlooked member of the NICU family is the older brother or sister of the newborn, who’s excited to meet their new sibling and doesn’t understand why they have to stay in the hospital…and why Mom and Dad are spending so much time at the NICU.

Understanding Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) is a children’s book for your patients’ families and caregivers that helps explain RDS and the NICU experience in an effort to ease the anxiety and worry of siblings like Asher, who is the main character in the story.

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El libro infantil RDS

Portada del libro infantil titulado Understanding Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS). Este libro no está destinado a la venta y Chiesi USA, Inc. lo proporciona de forma gratuita a los cuidadores y familias de bebés prematuros. El público objetivo de este libro son los cuidadores y las familias de bebés prematuros. Está destinado a niños de 2 a 5 años.

Un miembro de la familia NICU que a menudo se pasa por alto es el hermano o hermana mayor del recién nacido, que está emocionado de conocer a su nuevo hermano y no entiende por qué tienen que quedarse en el hospital… y por qué mamá y papá pasan tanto tiempo. en la UCIN.

Understanding Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) es un libro infantil para las familias y los cuidadores de sus pacientes que ayuda a explicar el RDS y la experiencia de la NICU en un esfuerzo por aliviar la ansiedad y la preocupación de hermanos como Asher, quien es el personaje principal de la historia.

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The Superhero Project

At Chiesi, we are driven to support and connect patients, families, and caregivers during their time at the NICU. We are proudly sponsoring The Superhero Project, whose mission is to improve the experience of families with infants being treated in the NICU.

The Superhero Project works to assist families with babies born prematurely who are residing in the NICU. They work to bridge the gap between home and the hospital by donating care packages, assisting with financial grants, providing assistance to secure technology that allows families to view their babies 24/7, and much more.

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Programs Offered by The Superhero Project*
AngelEye CameraSystem logo

AngelEye CameraSystem™:

The AngelEye CameraSystem™ includes a camera and one-way speaker that are placed at the baby’s bedside in the NICU. Families can see their newest members by livestream when they are unable to be in the NICU in person.

Kelly’s Kloset logo

Kelly’s Kloset:

Kelly’s Kloset is one step in bridging the gap between home and hospital, one closet at a time. This closet is a space where NICU parents can go to select something special, and most importantly call their own, when taking care of their baby. You may find special blankets, clothing, and accessories here.

Lullabies of Love logo

Lullabies of Love:

Lullabies of Love is a program that provides books for the NICU library and a digital voice recorder at each bed for mom and dad to record themselves reading books, singing lullabies, or talking to their baby.

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PJs with a Smile:

Every day, thousands of women are discharged from the NICU without their babies. The PJs with a Smile campaign seeks to provide NICU mothers with a brand-new set of pajamas, a letter of encouragement from a former NICU mom, and a fresh flower on their day of discharge.

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Wrapped in Love:

The Superhero Project, Inc. provides a warm, comfortable robe for any moment a parent wishes to be wrapped in a hug and feel their child’s spirit. Notecards from moms who have gone through the same experience are also provided to let these moms know that they are not alone and are supported by women who have walked in their shoes and come through this extremely difficult journey.

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Gas Cards and Parking Vouchers:

For families residing in the NICU for an extended time period, gas cards and parking vouchers are available for hospitals to request to offset commuting costs to and from the hospital.

*These programs are offered by The Superhero Project but are only available at select hospitals.
The AngelEye CameraSystem is one of many camera systems offered by NICUs. The Superhero Project works with only the AngelEye CameraSystem at this time. In addition, it is important to note that not all hospitals have this service available.

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