NICU nurse monitoring child and taking notes.
Doctor and a nurse working in the hospital.
NICU care team and a family who experienced the NICU smiling together.
Man on the phone listening to a customer.

By Your Side to Better Support Your Patients

At Chiesi, our primary focus is people: our patients, their families, and the healthcare community. We are driven to support you and your team with a wide range of educational materials and resources. We are here to help you in your mission to provide care for patients and support to their families.

Chiesi’s Commitment to Neonatology

For decades, Chiesi has been committed to neonatology, working alongside the medical community to improve the level of care for preterm babies. Our commitment is not only to provide treatment options, but also to become your partner in the continuum of care. We are dedicated to providing you with resources to help your staff and their patients’ families as they transition from the NICU to their homes.

Supporting Your Patients and Their Families

We know you’re passionate. Your team strives not only to provide the highest quality care for your patients, but also to actively support parents and families along their journey in the NICU.

Partner for Education

Not only is Chiesi committed to educating patients, but we also want to provide resources for your own education. Chiesi is proud to invest in you by sponsoring initiatives to facilitate your continuous learning.

*Content from the Incubator Podcast that is supported by Chiesi, Inc, is not fully medically educational and is not considered CME.
Certain Terms and Conditions may apply, limited to one textbook per healthcare professional, per year.