NICU team and family.

Celebrate Your NICU Graduates, Their Families, and Their Medical Team

Few things are more rewarding than seeing a baby leave the NICU. It’s our goal to help families and providers reconnect with each other and focus on the joy and inspiration of thriving children. We want to celebrate the NICU graduates, their parents, and all those who have supported them. At Chiesi, we are honored to partner with NICUs to provide hospitals with tools to make the planning and organization of NICU reunions more turnkey.

Image of NICU Reunion Toolkit

Celebration Made Simple with the NICU Reunion Toolkit

From the event’s planning to its execution, the NICU Reunion Toolkit provides your team with all the resources needed to prepare and host a successful celebration.

Click the buttons below to download all the materials to plan, communicate, and conduct your NICU Family Reunion. And if you need some inspiration for the party, we even offer themed toolkits, which include ideas for snacks and templates for kids to color, play bingo, and more.

Event Planning and Communication Materials

A PDF guide to help you kickstart the planning process for your NICU Reunion event.

A PDF resource providing actionable steps and advice for turning your NICU Reunion plans into reality.

Toolkit Templates

A PDF guide outlining the essential guidelines for using the provided templates effectively.

A PDF list of roles within your organization and external vendors you may need for your NICU Reunion.

Downloadable PDF containing a predesigned guest list template for your NICU Reunion.

Downloadable Excel file featuring a guest list template for organizing your NICU Reunion.

A PDF checklist to ensure you cover all necessary aspects while planning your NICU Reunion event.

A PDF document providing an action plan framework to streamline your NICU Reunion preparations.

Downloadable PDF outlining the schedule of events for a smooth-flowing NICU Reunion.

Downloadable PDF for a captivating postcard to notify attendees about the upcoming NICU Reunion.

Downloadable PDF containing a customizable email template for sending out NICU Reunion save-the-date notifications.

Downloadable PDF with a tasteful notecard design for sending out NICU Reunion invitations.

Downloadable PDF offering an email template designed for inviting participants to the NICU Reunion.

Downloadable PDF of a visually appealing flyer for promoting your NICU Reunion event.

Downloadable PDF with various event signage designs to help advertise your NICU Reunion.

A PDF guide providing a sample welcome speech to kick off your NICU Reunion event.

Downloadable PDF featuring a template for expressing gratitude to NICU Reunion committee members.

Downloadable PDF template to facilitate thanking the dedicated NICU staff post reunion.

Downloadable PDF containing a template to send appreciation to participants who attended the NICU Reunion.

Downloadable PDF offering a press release template for sharing details about your NICU Reunion with the media.

Downloadable PDF with a template for crafting a media alert to notify press about the NICU Reunion.

Downloadable PDF providing a template to pitch your NICU Reunion story to various media outlets.

Downloadable PDF with content to feature your NICU Reunion in the hospital’s newsletter.

Downloadable PDF containing social media post ideas to promote your NICU Reunion online.

Themed Toolkits

A PDF toolkit containing resources and ideas for organizing a warm and engaging campfire-themed activity at your NICU reunion.

A PDF toolkit filled with creative resources and suggestions for planning an exciting superhero-themed experience at your NICU reunion.