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Sponsoring the Incubator Podcast* and More

Chiesi is honored to support and sponsor the Incubator Podcast series, a weekly discussion about neonatology and the healthcare of children.

Chiesi Supports Your Continuing Education

At Chiesi, we understand your desire to stay connected with the neonatology community. Podcasts have become one of the most popular educational resources for HCPs. In 2019 alone, 75% of HCPs used their smartphones to listen to podcasts.1

What Is the Incubator Podcast?

The Incubator Podcast is a series of weekly discussions about new evidence in neonatal care, hosted by two board-certified neonatologists.

The episode format alternates between journal clubs and interviews. Every other week, the hosts review articles focusing on newborn care that are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The Incubator also offers interviews with pioneers and innovators in the field who share their unique perspective on the care of children. Content includes a mix of clinical discussions and information regarding healthcare worker burnout.

*The Incubator Podcast is supported by Cato Neonatal Innovations, a not-for-profit organization. Content from the Incubator Podcast that is supported by Chiesi, Inc. is not fully medically educational and is not considered CME.

1. Why today’s healthcare workers love podcasts. (2020, July 16). Wolters Kluwer.