NeoCarePal App

Do you find yourself juggling multiple websites, references, and clinical tools as you care for your patients? NeoCarePal can help make this simpler by providing multiple calculators in one place.

A Multifunctional Clinical Calculator Tool

Drawing from established guidelines and clearly referenced scientific evidence, NeoCarePal allows access to clinical calculators with the convenience to:

  • Input patient metrics and parameters
  • Save anonymized patient data for up to 24 hours
  • Streamline calculator inputs with up to 10 customizable preset profiles
  • Tab between different calculators applying the same patient metrics
  • Use built-in calculator tools in the offline mode
  • Access calculators and reference materials at third-party websites through the search tool
  • Use the app with a fully functional “offline” mode (no internet connection required)

NeoCarePal Improves Your Practice

When you make NeoCarePal your trusted calculator companion, you tap into numerous benefits.

  • Practical Integration—NeoCarePal seamlessly integrates various neonatal care calculators and clinical practice tools into a single, user-friendly app
  • Streamlined Workflow—By reducing the need to juggle multiple references and resources, NeoCarePal simplifies the day-to-day work of NICU staff, saving time and reducing cognitive load
  • Patient Care Support—With NeoCarePal, healthcare providers can access and rely on calculations and relevant information instantly, supporting clinical decision making and overall quality of neonatal care

Download & Use NeoCarePal