Tiny NICU baby with a nurse’s hand on them.

Advancing Infant Care for Over Three Decades

For decades, Chiesi has been committed to neonatology, working alongside the medical community to improve the level of care for preterm infants.

Investment in Research and Development Programs

Chiesi is committed to ongoing research in neonatology. These programs are focused on addressing unmet medical needs of infants with respiratory diseases and other conditions.

Educational Initiatives

Chiesi has launched educational initiatives and support programs to empower neonatologists, healthcare providers, and patient families and caregivers, such as:

  • Awareness of prematurity
  • NICU Family Reunions
  • NICU staff appreciation

Charitable Partnerships Aimed at Supporting Neonatal Care

Chiesi is a proud sponsor of The Superhero Project, a nonprofit organization that supports parents and caregivers during their time at the NICU.