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Committed to Infant Care for Over Three Decades

Chiesi has always focused on neonatal health, with research efforts centering on newborn disorders, respiratory diseases, and rare conditions. Recognizing neonatology as an area of high unmet need, Chiesi continues to work toward the investigation and development of treatments for neonatal conditions.

Connecting Families in and Out of the NICU

No matter how long your baby has spent in the NICU, we are all working toward bringing your little one home with you. While Chiesi is driven to facilitate connections while your baby is in the NICU, our support doesn’t end when your baby leaves the hospital. Chiesi is proud to partner with NICUs and provide them with the tools to organize their NICU Family Reunions. Most hospitals strive to host annual NICU Reunions provided they have the staff and resources to do so. This annual event is an opportunity for former NICU patients and their families to reconnect with the doctors, nurses, healthcare staff, and volunteers who nurtured and cared for the infants during their stay in the NICU. It’s a time to celebrate all NICU graduates’ growth and development and to share beautiful stories resulting from the life-changing care the babies received in the NICU.

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The Chiesi Foundation Is Dedicated to Neonatology Research

Our commitment goes beyond just the areas where we commercialize our products. At Chiesi, it is important that we work to improve the health and relieve the suffering of patients with respiratory and neonatal diseases in countries where access to quality healthcare is not always guaranteed. This is the mission pursued by the Chiesi Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in 2005 as an expression of Chiesi Farmaceutici’s social responsibility.

The Chiesi Foundation is active in the international healthcare cooperation sector and aims to contribute to the development of low- and middle-income countries by providing scientific tools and supporting projects that fully promote the right to health of those most in need. The Foundation focuses on improving neonatal and respiratory health in particular, and one of our current projects is the NEST (neonatal essential survival technology) model, which aims to reduce neonatal mortality rates by improving the quality of healthcare in countries with limited resources.

Dedicated Support for the US Neonatal Community

Chiesi has launched educational initiatives and partnered with leading patient advocacy organizations that share in its mission to provide the highest level of care to the youngest patients.

Through these efforts, Chiesi supports:

  • Awareness of prematurity
  • NICU Family Reunions
  • NICU staff appreciation
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